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How is the investigation performed?

NPIG  can assure clients that genuine paranormal activity is very very rare, and natural explanations can be found for at least 90%!! of what a client has reported experiencing. NPIG has invested a lot of money in state-of-the-art equipment, such as a thermal imaging camera, so we are able to give our clients the BEST PROFESSIONAL service we can. All NPIG investigators are regularly assessed to ensure they are up to date on the latest investigation methods.

If after we have performed your investigation, and feel you MAY have paranormal activity happening, we will then offer to perform a comprehensive SCIENTIFIC investigation for you. This is something we will leave you to think about, and you can contact us at your convenience, IF you wish to.

To achieve the BEST possible results from an investigation, ideally, apart from the investigators, the fewer that are there, the more control we would have in relation to collecting any possible evidence. At a private house, if possible, we would prefer just one person from the family to be there, and it would be helpfull if the other family members are able to sleep out for the night. 

Nothing is taken into an investigation that is open to FRAUD ie: Ouija boards or glass divination.

So.. you think your home is haunted ?  what do you do?  First... Ask yourself, WHY? you believe its haunted. Second.. Have you looked for any natural explanations for what you are experiencing?  Third.. Keep a diary, maybe over a 4 week period, of activity, what is happening? the times things happen! how you feel in yourself IE: do you have a headache? do you feel sick? do you have butterflies in your stomach? etc... IF after a four week period, you are still getting unexplained phenomena, contact us via this website, and we will arrange an investigation ASAP. What is important, is that you don`t panic and call in someone to ` get rid` of a suspected spirit, as there may not be one there in the first place. 

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