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Q... Why do you do your investigations in the dark?   A... Its believed that when a spirit wants to manifest itself, it can produce a faint light ,and the best possible chance to capture this, is in the dark, as the `slightest` light would be easier to see, esp on a `nightshot` camera. EVP is also better in the dark, as sound travels further at night, this is known as `sound Refraction` phenomenon. If activity is reported during daylight hours, then we would, if possible, investigate during the day.

Q...After you have completed an investigation, do you just leave the client to sort any problems out ?   A... No, absolutely not, we will stay in touch with the client, and will ALWAYS be on hand to offer advice and help FREE OF CHARGE should they need it, even if it means going back and investigating further, we certainly dont leave them to `get on with it`.
Q... Will you go anywhere? even mums retirement home?   A... Yes, anywhere we are asked to investigate.  
Q...Who pays you for the investigations?   A... All NPIG investigations are self funded.
Q....Whats the difference between a ` GHOST HUNT` that various companies offer at a price, and an `INVESTIGATION` that you offer?   A...Well, a `GHOST HUNT` is where you are taken to a place that has been investigated, normally a `PLACE OF INTEREST` and you are given the chance to hunt for those `Ghosts` yourself, and to experience that `paranormal` feel. What NPIG does, is to go into a property, by invitation of the owner, to find out IF they have any `paranormal` activity, and to give the owners answers, and some piece of mind. We don`t allow the public into our investigations, as its confidential between NPIG and the client.
Q.... If i find a `coldspot` at a reputed haunted location, does that mean there is a ghost present?   A... No! there are other reasons for `coldspots` that need to be eliminated before any paranormal conclusions can be made.
Q....What is the best bit of equipment to hunt ghosts?   A... Your senses. Just because it has been `suggested` to you its haunted, don`t let it influence you, make your own mind up after you have been there a while, and discounted all logical explanations for what you discover. ALWAYS tell someone where you are (safety reasons) and ALWAYS take a torch (again for safety) There is no such thing as a `ghost detector` (not yet)
Q....Can you tell me what the thermal imager camera does, and why do you and TAPS use one ? A.... NPIG uses the thermal imaging camera to detect hot and cold spots ( which is what the camera is designed for ). In reported `haunted` locations, people often claim they feel cold spots, and are convinced its`paranormal` when there is a high probability that a natural explanation can be found, IF you have the mind to look for one, and thats why we use the thermal camera to look for...  drafts...damp walls/floors... etc that may give a false impression to a person, that wants to believe its paranormal, or has been told its paranormal.

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