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57 years old
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Im 47,live in a haunted house im happy with that ,I seem to have been followed my whole life by something ,always had strange things going on around me ,

The house where I live now has ben active since the very first day i moved in ,ive got video footage of orbs coming out of my box room door ,and lots of evp work ive done has caught some amaizing voices ,some very clear,one of which says can you hear me ?,

I have many evps ,ive been very interested in contacting what ever is in this home ,we are haveing a quiet patch at the moment this is quiet common ,then after a time it starts to show up again ,normally it makes a poping sound or sometimes the sound of a light bulb smashing though nothing has broken ,doors bang,we get knockings,ect,

My husband and muself slept downstairs one night,by accident after trying to stay up late watching the tv ,my husband wolk me up,shushing me told me to listern ,what I heard was a womans voice very clearly ,talking to my dogs ,saying ,thats alright ,thats alright ,he wont hurt you ,,she repeated this a few times then it stopped ,the dogs where whimpering  a little but seemed calmed by her voice ,either that or they have just got used to her as for a long time the dogs would bark and growl at something in the night,,.

My sister slept here one night ,only to tell me in the morning ,she had seen a litle girl standing holding a dolly ,looking at her from the dorway while she was in bed ,she wasnt scared as she thought i had my youung grandaughter staying ,,,,,but i didnt ,,so shes seem ,what i believe to be the little girl that i have often heard calling for her mummy,

As much as Id love to have someone else come in to record the going s on here when they are at their peek ,my husband wont have anyone in the house ,although hes seen and heard things he still dont like to even listern to the things ive caught it worries him ,he hates it ,and I feel he thinks these sort of things should really just be left alone ,

Because of the goings on in my home ive bought ,k11 meter,movement detectors ,camcorder,ic recorder ,ect ,,my nephew mathew,brought his high tech cam into the house to see what he could catch ,it had only ben running 30 mins when he caught the orb coming out of the box room door turn and go through the stair rails,and off down the stairs,he was amaized,,this orb is on you tube ,under the heading ,my little orb,

Ive had friends sleep over that refuse to sleep anymore,as theyve heard talking ,believeing we had got up come through to say good morning to find noone there ,but they heard  the back door being opened and the kettle go on ,and cutlery clanking as if someone was making their breakfast ,

Another friend slept over ,she got no sleep ,all she could hear all night long was old fashioned music,she said it was coming as if out of the wall beside where she was trying to sleep ,

Ive had my bed shake nastilly while i was in it ,my husband and i have both watched our 13 gauge mattress go down at th end as if someone quiet heavy was sitting there ,then it sprung up as if they had stod up to go ,

We have had 14 years of activity in this house ,on and off weve had lots happen ,and others have sen and heard things too so its not just us it shows itself to,amyone that dont believe in this kind of thing happening really should have a more open mind ,these things do go on ,they do happen ,its more common they they would like to admit ,

I have noticed one thing over the years ,if there is tention in the house ,ie when my step daughter was living here ,we wernt getting along ,the activity hightened like you wouldnt believe ,doors banging ,very loud popping sounds,banging on th walls ,slaming of the bin lid ,front door opening then slamming shut ,and a box of fibergell thrown across the room from off of a windowsill into the face of my daughter,who was pregnant at the time ,so maybe the unborn child being in the house made matters worse ,i dont know ,but what i do know ,and there where about 5 wittnesses to this on night ,my grandaughter Abbie was asleep in her cot upstairs ,with the baby allarm beside her cot ,we heard a very horrible ergent voice unmistakably belong to a male ,all jumbled,no wordscould be made out of this but its deewpness and ergent sound made us run up the stairs to see if Abbie was ok ,she wasnt,she was strugling to breath ,I grabed her from the cot,sorted her out ,she started to cry and seemed petrified,I dont feel she was frightened because of the spirit in the house i feel she was acting like this coz she was frightened she couldnt get her breath ,I truly feel the spirit that night mad that horrible ergent sound to get our attention ,to go help Abbie ,I have never ever felt that anything in this house is nasty ,just the opposit,

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Reply kel **xxx**
12:49 PM on August 16, 2010 
i agree with rob if you would like us to help we will try our best to help u in any way we can
Reply Rob
4:58 PM on August 14, 2010 
I hope we can help you in any way we can.
Reply John
7:44 AM on August 11, 2010 
Hiya, that certainly sounds polterguist activity, sometimes it can stay playfull, but in some cases it can turn nasty. We have investigated these type of activity many times, and in MOST cases, after we have made contact and given some attention to it, activity has quietend down, and sometimes stop completely. The spirit usually doesn`t mean to be harmfull, but gets carried away wanting attention, and CAN go too far.
Paula, our investigator and researcher, has emailed you this morning. We are quite happy to visit you for a chat if you wish, and you can tell us more, and if you would like us to perform an investigation for you, we would do so... kind regards John